[pgpool-general: 6430] follow_master_command executed on node shown as down (one of unrecovered masters from previous failover)

Andre Piwoni apiwoni at webmd.net
Fri Feb 22 05:29:05 JST 2019

Is this correct behavior?

In 3-node setup, node1(primary) is shutdown, failover is executed and node2
becomes new primary and node3 follows new primary on node2.
Now, node2(new primary) is shutdown, failover is executed and node3 becomes
new primary but fallow_master_command is executed on node1 even though it
is reported as down.

It happens that my script repoints node1 and restarts it which breaks hell
because node1 was never recovered after being shutdown.

I'm on PgPool 3.7.4.

*Andre Piwoni*
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