[pgpool-general: 6412] Unable to parse the query

milist ujang ujang.milist at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 20:18:17 JST 2019

HI all,

Recently I'm using version 3.7.5 (amefuriboshi). there are 4 backends
streaming replication (synchronous), and 1 primary.

Intermittently user got SQLState: 02000 (No results were returned by the
query), take a look at pgpool log file, got this error on the same time:

Unable to parse the query: "select * from (select branch_type as A from
branch where parent_id in (1701) order by branch_id) limit 1 " from client

using the same query at the later time is OK, the table is static one.

anyway, we use query cache (shmem) and there are a lot of
LOG:  error while deleting item from shmem cache, item: NNN was already

is this 2 log may be correlated? is it due to high pressure on cache?
(recently no filter at all in cache)


ujang jaenudin | DBA Consultant (Freelancer)
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