[pgpool-general: 6490] Re: Reset old data in pgpool

Pierre Timmermans ptim007 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 3 23:36:57 JST 2019

when pgpool starts it will search for a primary node, it executes select pg_is_in_recovery(); on node 0 and if it is f (false) then it picks node 0 as primary otherwise it tries with the next node.
Are you sure that if you execute select pg_is_in_recovery() on both databases one of the two returns f and the other t ?
You should attach the pgpool log with the info when pgpool starts

    On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 4:27:12 PM GMT+2, Dmitry Medvedev <dm.dm.medvedev at gmail.com> wrote:  
 Hello to everyone. A couple of days I've spent trying to understand howpgpool-II works.
After some cruel experiments I've broken my pgpool cluster (1 primary and 1 standby nodes) :-)
I've re-configured it and launched pgpool again. And now all nodes have "standby" role no matter what i do. Is there any way of reset pgpool? Nodes without pgpool operating correctly: one is primary, other is standby._______________________________________________
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