[pgpool-general: 6222] Significance of NUM_INIT_CHILDREN & MAX_POOL

Nitish Kumar itcell.mpwz at mp.gov.in
Tue Sep 4 22:34:41 JST 2018

Hi Team,

I am using PgPool II 3.7.5 in my production environment in Master/Slave streaming mode.

I have 1 Master DB and 2 Slave DBs. 

I am not using PgPool II 's connection pooling i.e Connection Pooling in pgpool.conf file is set to OFF.

In this scenario I want to know the complete detail of how the num_init_children & max_pool parameter will behave ? What is their significance
when PgPool II 's connection pooling is set to OFF.

Here is my configuration for DB's

max_connections = 130

Configuration in pgpool.conf file

num_init_children = 25
max_pool = 2

Kindly guide me with clear understanding of these parameters. 

Thanks in advance guys !

Nitish Kumar
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