[pgpool-general: 6246] Re: FATAL: Add to watchdog cluster request is rejected by node "redshirt2018090300:9000"

Pierre Timmermans ptim007 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 9 03:30:04 JST 2018

Not sure if it is important but when I look at my configuration I have some extra variables: other_pgpool_port and other_wd_port. Since it complains about the config, maybe it is relevant ?
Also make sure that firewall ports 9694 and 9000 are open on both servers
Here is my config (3 servers)
heartbeat_destination0 = 'pgpool01'heartbeat_destination_port0 = 9694

heartbeat_destination1 = 'pgpool02'heartbeat_destination_port1 = 9694

heartbeat_destination2 = 'pgpool03'heartbeat_destination_port2 = 9694

other_pgpool_hostname0 = 'pgpool02'other_pgpool_port0 = 9999other_wd_port0 = 9000

other_pgpool_hostname1 = 'pgpool03'other_pgpool_port1 = 9999other_wd_port1 = 9000

    On Monday, October 8, 2018, 4:59:15 PM GMT+2, Sebastian Stellingwerff <sebas at bakkerspees.nl> wrote:  
 I've setup a cluster with two nodes, but I run into this problem, one of them dies with the error:

FATAL:  Add to watchdog cluster request is rejected by node "redshirt2018090300:9000"
HINT:  check the watchdog configurations.

Now I've checked the configurations, and run a diff on the two, but the only thing that differs is the hostnames.

< wd_hostname = 'redshirt2018090300'
> wd_hostname = 'redshirt2018091100'
< heartbeat_destination0 = 'redshirt2018091100'
> heartbeat_destination0 = 'redshirt2018090300'
< other_pgpool_hostname0 = 'redshirt2018091100'
> other_pgpool_hostname0 = 'redshirt2018090300'

Is there another way of seeing what else this could be? I already set loglevel to 3 and on verbose.


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