[pgpool-general: 6317] Failover issue while manually promoting to Master !

Nitish Kumar itcell.mpwz at mp.gov.in
Fri Nov 30 20:53:33 JST 2018

Hi All,

I am using PgPool II 3.7.5 with PostgreSQL 10.5 nodes in the backend.

My DB cluster is running in Master Slave Hot Standby mode with 1 master and 3 slaves.

My PgPool II is also running in Master Slave/Streaming mode. Today I have stopped services in Master PostgreSQL Node and manually promoted
one of the slave node to be Master Node.

After that I have restarted PostgreSQL Nodes expect the original Master and PgPool II services.

Everything is Up but when I try to connect to PgPool II from my REST API application this is the error I am getting:

.postgresql.util.PSQLException: FATAL: failed to create a backend connection
 Detail: executing failover on backend

PgPool II services is Up and running. PostgreSQL nodes are up and running except the old master.

What is that I am doing wrong. Kindly help and guide.

Nitish Kumar
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