[pgpool-general: 6289] PgPool and PostgreSQL pg_hba.conf

Nitish Kumar itcell.mpwz at mp.gov.in
Mon Nov 19 03:05:33 JST 2018

Hi All,

I am using PgPool II 3.5 with PostgreSQL 10.5 in my production cluster. PgPool II is running in Load Balancing with Master/Slave Streaming replication mode with Connection Pooling set to OFF.

All my traffic to backend PostgreSQL is going through PgPool II. I am confused as to what should I enter in pg_hba.conf of my databases.

Should I make entry by PgPool II 's IP and corresponding users or
I should make entry of actual client's IP which will connect to PgPool ?

Hoping for good clarification and guidance.

Nitish Kumar
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