[pgpool-general: 6092] pgpool failover from node 1 to node 0: incorrect value for %P in version 3.7.3 ?

Pierre Timmermans ptim007 at yahoo.com
Sat May 19 06:13:01 JST 2018

I have a problem with pgpool 3.7.2 and pgpool 3.7.3, but not with pgpool 3.7.1 so it might be a bug.
When there is a failover from node 1 to node 0 then the parameter %P (old primary id) which is passed to the failover script is incorrect. It says 0 instead of 1. I encounter the error systematically when I do a first failover from node 0 to node 1, then a recovery of node 0, then a new failover from node 1 to node 0. In this new failover - from node 1 to node 0 - the parameter old_primary_id is not correctly passed.
I have reverted back to pgpool 3.7.1 and the problem has disappeared.
My config, for failover_command, is:
failover_command = '/scripts/failover.sh %d %h %p %D %m %H %M %P %r %R'                                   # Executes this command at failover                                   # Special values:                                   #   %d = node id                                   #   %h = host name                                   #   %p = port number                                   #   %D = database cluster path                                   #   %m = new master node id                                   #   %H = hostname of the new master node                                   #   %M = old master node id                                   #   %P = old primary node id                                   #   %r = new master port number
and in the log I see that the parameter %P is incorrect with pgpool 3.7.3 and pgpool 3.7.2 but that it is correct with pgpool 3.7.1
I can provide more logs and configuration if needed
Kind regards, 

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