[pgpool-general: 6118] Confused between Running Modes !

Nitish Kumar itcell.mpwz at mp.gov.in
Fri Jun 8 19:23:52 JST 2018

Hi Team,

Kindly guide me ! I am heavily confused between Running modes of PgPool II 3.7.3.

I am having 3 PostgreSQL 10 Servers running in Streaming replication Hot Standby mode. In which 1 is master and 2 are slaves. 
The 1 master PostgreSQL 10 Server supports both read/write and 2 slave PostgreSQL 10 Servers supports only read queries.

Now for this above configuration of mine I am not able to decide PgPool II 3.7.3. Running Modes. I am confused between Master-Slave(Stream) Mode 
and Streaming Replication mode !

Since the documentation for both the modes suggests that the streaming/replication and synchronization of data will be done by PostgreSQL 10 servers.

Please elaborate any technical details of both the modes if I am missing anything. And most importantly considering my PostgreSQL 10 Servers infrastructure 
which mode should I use ???

I may missing something. Any suggestions are welcome.

Nitish Kumar
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