[pgpool-general: 6156] Re: invalid value for parameter "client_encoding": "ISO_8859_8"

Mariel Cherkassky mariel.cherkassky at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 18:01:30 JST 2018

It happens to all the sessions I have to all the databases. In other words,
different apps are connected to different databases but I still keep
getting those errors. I queried pg_shadow and I didnt see that a specific
user has a different client_encoding configured. Moreover, the
client_encoding is set to default in postgresql.conf.

What else can I check ? I'm trying to check the if the problem is in the
pool as tatsuo suggested but is there anything else that I can check ?

2018-07-01 18:33 GMT+03:00 Tom Lane <tgl at sss.pgh.pa.us>:

> Mariel Cherkassky <mariel.cherkassky at gmail.com> writes:
> > My postgresql env consist of 3 nodes(9.6 version) and 2 pgpool`s that
> acts
> > as a load balancer. I'm using postgresql as a database for the next apps
> :
> > bitbucket,jira and crowd. However, I'm getting alot of errors in the
> pgpool
> > log about the client_encoding for every connection that comes from one of
> > those application :
> > invalid value for parameter "client_encoding": "ISO_8859_8"
> > Cannot change "client_encoding" now.
> [ digs around ... ] The "Cannot change" bit seems to indicate that this
> error is coming from check_client_encoding(), and it's failing because
> it cannot change client_encoding for an existing session outside a
> transaction.  The comment about it is:
>      * ... This would only happen if someone tries to change
>      * client_encoding in postgresql.conf and then SIGHUP existing
> sessions.
>      * It seems like a bad idea for client_encoding to change that way
> anyhow,
>      * so we don't go out of our way to support it.
> I'm not very sure how you'd get into a state where this was affecting
> new sessions as well as pre-existing ones, or why it would affect only
> some sessions.  Maybe the latter could be explained if all but this one
> app explicitly set client_encoding for themselves.
> Anyway, I think it's impossible for the client app to trigger this
> by itself.  There must be some server-side source of this value,
> if not postgresql.conf then maybe ALTER DATABASE/ROLE SET?
>                         regards, tom lane
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