[pgpool-general: 6154] invalid value for parameter "client_encoding": "ISO_8859_8"

Mariel Cherkassky mariel.cherkassky at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 16:29:11 JST 2018

My postgresql env consist of 3 nodes(9.6 version) and 2 pgpool`s that acts
as a load balancer. I'm using postgresql as a database for the next apps :
bitbucket,jira and crowd. However, I'm getting alot of errors in the pgpool
log about the client_encoding for every connection that comes from one of
those application :

invalid value for parameter "client_encoding": "ISO_8859_8"
Cannot change "client_encoding" now.

The client_encoding is set to default in the database.

Any idea what can I check ? I dont think that it is something of the
application layer. The encoding of all those databases is UTF8 and the
collate and ctype is en_US.UTF-8.

I want to get the idea if the error connected to the app level / pool level
/ database level ?

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