[pgpool-general: 5845] Change in authentication with latest version

Peter Tormey ptormey at sofi.org
Wed Jan 10 04:15:43 JST 2018

I have recently upgraded to using pgpool 3.7.0 on Alpine 3.7 and I noticed
that the pool_hba.conf is not acting the way it did when I was using pgpool
3.5.3. Previously, in 3.5.3 the hba conf files between pgpool and postgres
were required to match on the authentication type e.g. both in trust or
both in md5 mode but not mixed.

This seems to have changed in v3.7.0. I'm now able to have the
pool_hba.conf set to trust and not maintaining the pool_passwd file while
still forcing authentication at the database level with its pg_hba.conf
using md5. Is this the expected behavior now? I personally prefer this
setup but would like to make sure I don't have a bad build or something is



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