[pgpool-general: 5943] Split-brain remedy

Alexander Dorogensky amazinglifetime at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 03:58:48 JST 2018

Hi All,

I have a master/hot standby configuration with streaming
replication, where each node runs pgpool with watchdog enabled and postgres.

I shut down the network interface on and wait until
triggers failover and promotes itself to master through my failover script.

Now the watchdogs on and are out of sync, have
conflicting views on which node has failed and both think they are master.

When I bring back the network interface on, 'show pool_nodes' says
that is master/up and is standby/down.

I want to be standby and to be master.

I've been playing with the failover script.. e.g.

if (default network gateway is pingable) {
    shut down pgpool and postgres
} else if (this node is standby) {
    promote this node to master
    create a job that will run every minute and try to recover failed node
(base backup)
    cancel the job upon successful recovery

Can you please help me with this? Any ideas would be highly appreciated.

Regards, Alex
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