[pgpool-general: 6188] Query regarding tp open 1000 connection with postgres using pgpool

Sachin Singh notsachin at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 06:00:30 JST 2018

Hi ,

I  am using postgresql 10.3 and pgpool 3.7 to do load balancing and
achieving the request of opening 1000+ sessions with postgresql.
I have configured stream replication and load balancing (master + 3 slave)
using pgpool. Load balancing is working fine.
My application is connected with pgpool .
Issue is happening after running my script to open 1000 connections. It is
running some time and slowly idle process is  increasing constantly in DB
and because of that postgreDB is crashing . Below is setting details
In postgresql.conf
max_connections : 1800

IN pgpool.con

num_init_children = 1400

max_pool = 1

child_life_time = 60
child_max_connections = 0
 connection_life_time = 60

Please let me know how to achieve my requirement  and why idle connections
are not getting closed
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