[pgpool-general: 6050] Access to pgpool set from an unprivileged user

Vlad G omenvlad at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 20:07:04 JST 2018

Hey Guys, 

I have a cluster with md5 authentication.
Pgpool-II-pg96-3.7.3 and postgresql-9.6.
I created the user "testing" and the database "testing"
This user has only permissions for this database, but I  found out that this user can 
change pgpool's parameters  if I do for example:

testing=> PGPOOL set client_idle_limit = 30;
testing=> PGPOOL SHOW client_idle_limit;
(1 row)

How can I reduce permissions for this user and forbid access to "pgpool set" commands?

Best regards,

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