[pgpool-general: 6023] Online Recovery Script with Systemd

Mathias Buresch mathias.buresch at de.clara.net
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does anyone have problems with the scripts for online recovery and systemd on CentOS? (On Ubuntu with Systemd I didn’t at least recognize such a problem)..

The script “pgpool_remote_start” starts postgresql like that:
ssh -T $remote_host $pghome/bin/pg_ctl -w -D $remote_pgdata start > /dev/null 2>&1 < /dev/null &

If it is started like that the PID is changing and Systemd does not know about PID and it is not manageable by systemctl anymore.
I would change now to let user postgres run systemctl and check if it is working then. But just wonder if anyone had that problem too and knows how to fix.

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