[pgpool-general: 5749] When pgpool-postgres master down -> pgpool slave not promote postgres to primary, not trigger!

Giancarlo Celli giancarlocelli at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 00:51:29 JST 2017


My environment (2 server):
1) pgpool + postgres
2) pgpool + postgres
Postgres is in streaming replication.
Pgpool 3.6.6
Postgres 9.6.5

When Server1 is pgpool master and postgres primary:

if Server1 go down, then Server2 become new pgpool Master, but it doesn't
trigger failover procedure, so Server2 doesn't become new postgres primary.

So Server1 is down, Server2 is postgres standby!!!

Please consider the issue, to me it's very critical.
Best regards!

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