[pgpool-general: 5715] Update to pgpoolAdmin-3.6.2-1pgdg.rhel7 wipes configuration

Thomas Höll Thomas.Hoell at neos-it.de
Fri Sep 8 14:28:02 JST 2017

Hi all,

after we updated pgpoolAdmin from version 3.6.1-1pgdg.rhel7 to 3.6.2-1pgdg.rhel7 via the repository, the configuration was wiped.

Is this the intended behaviour? If not, maybe the configuration file should not be overwritten if it already exists.

Besides, in install.php I had to change the line

if (ereg('^[^\.]', $file_name)) {


if (preg_match('/^[^\.]/', $file_name)) {

to make it work with PHP 7.

Since preg_match is available since PHP 4 and ereg is deprecated as of PHP 5.3.0, this should be changed.


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