[pgpool-general: 5801] How do U get my 'Master' out of Stand-by

Eric Powell epowell at 3-gis.com
Fri Nov 10 01:08:25 JST 2017

I am learning to use and deploy PGPOOL-II, and have run into a problem in
my test environment:

Our test environment (Centos 7 and AWS) spins down every night, and for
some unknown reason, when it spun up the other morning, the firewall on the
Master database came up blocking traffic on port 5432. I have resolved that
issue, have streaming replication back up and running, but this also caused
PGPOOL to status the node as 'down' and place the the pool into standby:

postgres=# show pool_nodes;
 node_id |  hostname   | port | status | lb_weight |  role   | select_cnt |
load_balance_node | replication_delay
 0       |  | 5432 | down   | 0.500000  | standby | 0          |
false             | 0
 1       | | 5433 | up     | 0.500000  | standby | 3          |
true              | 0
(2 rows)

How do I tell PGPOOL to bring Node 0 to status 'up' and pull the it out of
out of standby mode?

IF it is in the docs, I apologize...lot's to digest....


Postgres 9.5 on Centos 7, PGPool 3.6.x on Centos.

I don't have watchdog and health-check configured, yet.

Any help would be appreciated.


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