[pgpool-general: 5529] Problem with PCP socket directory setting

Jeremiah Penery jpenery at redskytech.com
Wed May 24 00:34:48 JST 2017

I'm using the latest pgpool RPMs: pgpool-II-pg96-3.6.4-1pgdg.rhel6.x86_64

There seems to be some problem with the PCP socket directory setting.  I have it set as such:
pcp_socket_dir = '/var/run/postgresql'

The file is indeed created in that directory:
[root at jp1 redsky]# locate 9898

However, if I try to run some pcp command (e.g. pcp_node_info) without giving a host parameter, it seems to always want to use /tmp for the socket directory:

[root at jp1]# pcp_node_info -U admin -n 0
ERROR: connection to socket "/tmp/.s.PGSQL.9898" failed with error "No such file or directory"

If I provide the host parameter, it works fine, because I guess it's going over the network instead of using the socket file.

[root at jp1 ]# pcp_node_info -U admin -h localhost -n 0
Password: 5433 2 1.000000 up


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