[pgpool-general: 5486] Pgpool silently failing

Andreas Andersson a.andersson.thn at gmail.com
Wed May 17 22:20:13 JST 2017

Hi! I've been trying to deploy a postgresql cluster in production during
maintenance windows for a few days now. But I seem to run into an issue
with pgpool.

The pgpool sits on it's own instance infront of 4 x c3.2xlarge instance
where the actual cluster is housed. The cluster is managed with repmgr. All
servers are running FreeBSD 11.0 fully patched. I also tried pgpool on
debian 8.8 with the same result. All of these servers are running on AWS in
us-east-1. There is an extra instance which I am trying to migrate away
from - the last one in the attached config. Plan was to setup the cluster,
clone from current master and then do a switchover and lastly shut down old
master and detach it from pgpool.

The pgpool has no issue finding the backends and marking them as healthy.
However, when I am trying to add more than one of our webservers to it (RoR
based API webserver) it silently fails, or so it seems atleast. I ran
pgpool in foreground and did not note any errors at all. Nor were there any
errors in PostgreSQL servers, except for the occassional slow query.

I could during these attempts to deploy connect to the servers indivudally
from the pgpool instance and execute queries. So I am fairly certain there
were no connectivity issues - no dropped packets were observed either.

I am hoping this is a configuration issue on my end. If not I would like to
request assistance in how I could debug this.

I am attaching the config of pgpool in this mail. Please let me know if you
see something obviously incorrect.

Thank you

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