[pgpool-general: 5455] about child_life_time

Lin Yuan yuanlinios at gmail.com
Fri May 12 17:25:15 JST 2017

Hello experts

I am not quite clear about the meaning of this parameter. From document, it

Specifies the time in seconds to terminate a Pgpool-II child process if it
remains idle. The new child process is immediately spawned by Pgpool-II
when it is terminated because of child_life_time.

What does "idle" here exactly mean? For example, I set child_life_time to
120, and uses "psql" client to connect to pgpool, and does nothing. From
"ps -ef" output on pgpool, I can always see the process is "idle": pgpool:
postgres postgres x.x.x.x(zzzz) idle. But this child process never exits.

So it looks pgpool has different definition of "idle" from ps output?
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