[pgpool-general: 5439] Testing max_pool and and num_init_children

Lucas Luengas lucasluengas at gmail.com
Wed May 3 00:24:54 JST 2017

I am using pgpool-II version 3.4.6 (tataraboshi). I have a test environment
with 2 servers, with streaming replication.
I have configured these values in pgpool.conf:
num_init_children = 6
max_pool = 4

>From first server, using ssh, I make some connections to pgpool using psql
with user "user1" to databaes "db1". When number connections is 6 (value of
num_init_children), then I can't make new connections with pair
"user1"/"db1" (I think this behaviour is expected), but I can't make new
connections using other pairs of user/db, such as user postgres. New
connections are waiting (psql is not responding) until a previous
"user1/db1" connection is closed.
Pgpool.log does not show any error messages.
Is this normal???

I think I don't understand max_pool and num_init_childres explanation of

Thanks in advance.
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