[pgpool-general: 5386] pgpool-ii across different countries different data centers)

Jon jon at jojati.com
Fri Mar 24 22:48:45 JST 2017


New to the list and have been busy setting up pgpool-ii this last week or

I've previously used drbd/slony for replication but pgpool looked like a
good choice, so i'm trying it!

I am wondering if it is possible to have pgpool-ii run across servers far
apart (different countries):

I have postgresql streaming replication working, from my USA to my Asia
server and it seems ok.

However i want pgpool to be used to automatically send reads to the Asia
server and writes to the USA server for users in Asia.

Ideally I want:
- Master in the USA with pgpool-ii - with a webserver that will serve most
of the world, reads/writes are local
- Slave in Asia with pgpool-ii - wtih a webserver that will server reads
from Asia/Slave and send writes to the Master
- Both servers only have public ip's
- For the Master/USA server, i'm happy for all reads/writes to go to the
- For the Slave/Asia server I would like pgpool-ii to proxy database
requests - sending writes to the USA server and doing reads from the Asia

*In this situation I don't think i need a 'virtual ip' (i'm not trying to
load balance USA requests). Is this correct?*

Is this setup even possible?

Thanks in advance.

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