[pgpool-general: 5601] Re: <External>Re: Unused status problem

Birnbaum, Warren (ETW) Warren.Birnbaum at nike.com
Thu Jun 29 03:26:04 JST 2017

Thanks Tatsuo Ishii,

This worked perfectly.


On 28/06/2017, 02:41, "Tatsuo Ishii" <ishii at sraoss.co.jp> wrote:

    If the only reason for this mode is to implement synchronous
    replication then note that with streaming replication it is also
    possible in recent versions of postgres
    No. If you want a similar effect of Pgpool-II's native replication,
    you must set synchronous_commit to 'remote_apply', which is available
    in 9.6 or later.
    Otherwise you may not see the modified data on standby right after a
    transaction commit.
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