[pgpool-general: 5587] insanely slow first query, then normal speed

Jon jon at jojati.com
Sun Jun 25 11:38:29 JST 2017


When I connect to pgpool on the slave, the first request is insanely slow,
subsequent requests are fast.

Does anyone know why this might be?

Pgpool: 3.6.4, Postgres, 9.6.3

NOTE: it also seems to take a long time to connect to pgpool using psql.. i
seem to remember an older version not having this delay

I've tried:

   - with pool_hba turned on and off - no difference
   - i compiled pgpool (3.6.4) from source - no difference (was using the
   pgdg ubuntu 16.04 binaries before

*The below example showing the first request taking 58000ms! Subsequent
queries take 72ms...*


root at db-slave:~# sudo -u postgres psql -h127.0.0.1 -p5433 mydb

sudo: unable to resolve host db-slave

could not change directory to "/root": Permission denied

psql (9.6.3)

Type "help" for help.

mydb=# \timing

Timing is on.

mydb=# select * from users where id=90000;

*Time: 58593.186 ms*

mydb=# select * from users where id=90000;

*Time: 0.750 ms*

mydb=# select * from users where id=80000;

*Time: 72.081ms*

mydb=# select * from designs where id=78884;

*Time: 1.648 ms*

Time: 72.081 ms

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