[pgpool-general: 5572] Postgresql nodes number and num_init_children*max_pool

Brice CHAPPE bricechappe at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 18:21:40 JST 2017

Hi all,


I would want to confirm if my configuration is fine.

In the manual you said that "Number of connections to each PostgreSQL is
roughly max_pool*num_init_children"

I have 4 postgresql nodes behind pgpool. 1 master and 3 slaves (cluster
managed by repmgr)

Each node has 16 cores and 64GB memory.

So I set on each postgresql node max_connections to 200 and set
num_init_children=48 and max_pool to 4 in pgpool configuration.

48*4 = 192 connections 

My question is : pgpool is capable to open 192 connections on each
postgresql instance or just totally 192 connections on all nodes ?

Or I have to upgrade the num_ini_children value ?


Thanks !





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