[pgpool-general: 5561] Sizing RAM for PGPPOL

DAL GRANDE, Thierry tdalgrande at prosodie.com
Wed Jun 7 01:33:50 JST 2017


As you can read, i'm a french DBA. So, all apologizes for my English level.

I begin with pgpool by install a simple configuration
Pgppol in stand alone (no watchdog) and posgresql cluster with streaming réplication
Pgpool version = 3.5.4
Postgresql version = 9.3.2

My first question :
- how I can configure the ram of the pgpool server ? what is average amount of Ram using by one connection ?
Actually, I have 4GB RAM.
But I configured pgpool with :
- num_init_children = 400
- max_pool = 1
And when I have more than 330 connections, the server filed with out of memory

Moreover, I configured memcache with default settings.
What is the behavior  of pgpool  when memory_cache_enabled=off ?

Thanks in advance



Dal Grande Thierry - Administrateur de base de données
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