[pgpool-general: 5655] failed to delete cache on memcached, error:"NOT FOUND"

Pavel balroga3 at yandex.ru
Fri Jul 28 23:35:24 JST 2017


Yesterday  I  was  running  pgbench  tests  agains pgpool and one test
literally  hanged  up:  pgbench was unable to provide test summary and
pgpool had most of its processes in status "END" like this:
>pgpool: app pgbench END
and there were a lot of records
>failed to delete cache on memcached, error:"NOT FOUND"
in the pgpool log.

Is  it a known behaviour or did I hit a new bug? Unfortunately right now I
cannot provide more details like debug log or something like that :(

pgpool  3.6.5  installed  from  rpm  package on centos 7, running with
query cache enabled using memcached.

Best regards,
 Pavel                          mailto:balroga3 at yandex.ru

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