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We also have problems with failovers when postgres and pgpool are on the same machine.  If there are configuration parameters that can be changed to improve the failover mechanism I will also be happy to hear.


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I have 2 postgres servers (postgres 9.3.5) installed with pgpool(3.6.4) on the same node.

server 2
pgpool vip


# psql -U postgres -h -p 9999 -c 'show pool_nodes'
 node_id |   hostname    | port | status | lb_weight |  role   | select_cnt | load_balance_node | replication_delay
 0       | | 5432 | up     | 0.500000  | primary | 3718       | true              | 0
 1       | | 5432 | up     | 0.500000  | standby | 0          | false             | 0

my question is about disaster recovery scenario:

1. "primary postgres" and the "master pgpool" is on server1 . pgpool vip established on this node (

2. server1 went down due to  power break. (server1 is dead!!!)

3. pgpool on server server2 get promoted (vip established .

4. NO postgres failover action occurs by the pgpool. pgpool keeps searching for primary postgres with no success.

should the new master pgpool execute an failover action(promote) to the slave postgres ??

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