[pgpool-general: 5614] primary server cannot be recovered by online recovery

Avi Weinberg AviW at gilat.com
Tue Jul 11 00:18:11 JST 2017

Hi Experts,

I tried running pcp_recovery_node command on the node that its database was inaccessible.  I got the following "primary server cannot be recovered by online recovery".  To fix the node I ran pg_basebackup and it went up.  How can a failed node be primary.  Can pcp_recovery_node be used to get out of such situations?

2017-07-09 13:25:24: + pcp_recovery_node -h -p 9898 -U admin -w 1
2017-07-09 13:25:24: ERROR:  process recovery request failed
2017-07-09 13:25:24: DETAIL:  primary server cannot be recovered by online recovery.

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