[pgpool-general: 5602] pgpool connection lifetime

salah jubeh s_jubeh at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 3 18:39:24 JST 2017

I am trying to connect to pgpool, however the maximum number of client is reached. 
I have changed the life time setting from default  and reloaded the server  ' /etc/init.d/pgpool2 reload ' but nothing happens and still not able to connect 
# - Life time -

child_life_time = 300
                                   # Pool exits after being idle for this many seconds
child_max_connections = 10
                                   # Pool exits after receiving that many connections
                                   # 0 means no exit
connection_life_time = 1
                                   # Connection to backend closes after being idle for this many seconds
                                   # 0 means no close
client_idle_limit = 1
                                   # Client is disconnected after being idle for that many seconds
                                   # (even inside an explicit transactions!)
                                   # 0 means no disconnection 

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