[pgpool-general: 5295] Re: Connections to backends

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at sraoss.co.jp
Sat Feb 4 07:49:09 JST 2017

> The weights property is used for load balancer functionality, with it you
> can distribute your read queries over your servers for instance 30% to
> master and 70% to slaves.  
> Pgpool always tries to connect to servers because failover and swithover
> functionalities. If the primary server fails, it promotes a new master.
> Because of these it needs to know the current state of the servers
> configured in the cluster.    

If the health check is enabled, no connection to weight = 0 node would
be required because if the health check detects the failure of the
node and it updates the nodes's status. Establishing connections to
nodes even weight = 0 is just a current implementation limitation, as
I said in a separate message.

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