[pgpool-general: 5434] Brain fart on my part? :-)

Karl Denninger karl at denninger.net
Wed Apr 26 03:48:58 JST 2017

I've been running pgpool-II for a very long time as a connection pooler
on a local host.  It works very well.

Now I wish to use it across the Internet, potentially, which introduces
security concerns.  Therefore I wish to have the connection to the back
end use SSL, while for the *on-same machine* client connections I don't
care and in fact I'd prefer it be off (since otherwise you need to
actually encrypt/decrypt TWICE)

Is this supportable?

I turned ssl on but when I connect to pgpool the connection to the
server is NOT SSL-enabled, and I get an error because the pg_hba.conf on
the back end server is set to require ssl.

If I use psql directly to the server (with -h and -p) then it works.

Karl Denninger
karl at denninger.net <mailto:karl at denninger.net>
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