[pgpool-general: 5429] connection pooling not working

Danny Im imxxx021 at umn.edu
Fri Apr 21 04:19:11 JST 2017


I'm trying to verify that connection pooling is working on my install of
pgpool II.

I've tried connecting using the same [user,database] pair from four
different terminals (using psql) and when I check the pg_stat_activity
table, I see four separate connections for that [user,database] pair.  My
understanding is that pgpool will reuse the first connection, and that I
should expect just one connection in the pg_stat_activity table for that
[user,database] pair, since I have max_pool configured to 4.

How can I get the connection pooling to work?

The version I'm using is commit 1b83de74702da9d116b83725685165965923030


Danny Im
Software Developer
Polar Geospatial Center
University of Minnesota
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