[pgpool-general: 5408] Re: pgpool connections in DISCARD status

Madhusudan, Dhanya dhanya.madhusudan at hpe.com
Sat Apr 1 00:12:33 JST 2017

Thanks Tatsuo.
As  we have to upgrade the version in production, can you verify if it has been tested with EDB 9.5?
I raised a case with EDB support and they  are suggesting to upgrade to the latest version (3.4.5).


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Pgpool-II 3.4.3 is pretty old (released on Apri 2015). I recommend you to obtain the latest one (3.4.10). I also I think you could ask support from EDB.

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> Hi,
> We are using EDB 9.5 and pgpool 3.4.3.
> We see increasing number of pgpool connections in the DISCARD/ABORT status in spite of the configuring client_idle_limit.
> ps -aef | grep pgpool | grep DISCARD | wc -l
> 290
> We are killing these processes manually now, to avoid a situation where there are no free connections available.
> Please find attached our pgpool configuration and recommend any changes that would release these connections.
> TIA,
> Dhanya

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