[pgpool-general: 5021] Re: Failover command not invoked by secondary pgpool after its promotion to primary in HA

Gabriele Monfardini monfardini at ldpgis.it
Fri Sep 23 01:15:31 JST 2016

Hi Christophe, hi all,

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 6:10 PM, Christophe Le Roux <
christophe.le.roux at fr.clara.net> wrote:

> I had the same issue when my search_primary_node_timeout had a bad value.
> With a value at 300, it work fine for me.

in our setup we have not modified default value
for search_primary_node_timeout, which is 10.
I don't think it is needed to set to such an high value, 300.
Why do you think this value is involved?

Best regards,

Gabriele Monfardini

Gabriele Monfardini
LdP Progetti GIS
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