[pgpool-general: 4997] Avoiding downtime when pgpool changes require a restart

Jacobo García López de Araujo jacobo.garcia at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 23:12:49 JST 2016


I am trying to set load_balance_mode =  off setting in one testing 2 nodes
cluster. The option is currently set to on. It is a setting that requires a
full restart in order to be changed.

I haven't found a solution that does not provoke downtime on my setup.

If I restart pgpool on the master node the watchdog is failed over to the
secondary, then master will refuse to join the cluster with pgpool logs
spitting the following error:

FATAL:  configuration error. The configurations on master node is different

Then the master will shut down, every time I start the now old master it
will refuse to join the cluster because settings are different. In this
situation I just have one node running pgpool so if I restart this node it
will stop accepting connections through the virtual IP and downtime will

The other strategy I tried is restart pgpool on the secondary node first.
In this case I also got the same error, and the secondary node refuses to
join the cluster too.

I'd like to know what is the ideal procedure in order to change one of
those settings without having downtime.

Many thanks for your time.

Jacobo García.

Jacobo García López de Araujo.
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