[pgpool-general: 4992] A better explanation of replicate_select

Jacobo García López de Araujo jacobo.garcia at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 00:57:39 JST 2016


I'm trying to understand replicate_select option since I believe it's key
to solve a problem I'm currently facing with PgPool.

Specifically I'd like to understand the meaning of this paragraph of the

"When set to true, pgpool-II replicates SELECTs replication mode. If false,
pgpool-II sends SELECTs without writing function to the Master DB only.

- What is the replication mode of a SELECT?
- Also, what does mean SELECTs without writing function?

The problem I'm facing is described here: deletes inside a transaction are
performed, afterward some selects are performed hitting a follower then

Any help will be much appreciated,

Many thanks,

Jacobo García.

Jacobo García López de Araujo.
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