[pgpool-general: 5144] Help with pgpool 3.5.4 + postgresql 9.5 + pgAdmin 3.5.5

Leonnardo Rabello leonnardo at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 00:29:11 JST 2016


I'm trying to configure postgres with pgpool in my cluster with 2 machines.
Both are Debian 3.16 jessie, with postgresql 9.5 installed and pgpool 3.5.4
installed via package from postgres apt repo.

But I'm having 2 major errors:
1) in pgPoolAdmin status page I'm getting


   - login user: leonnardo
   - superuser: unknown (Connection error)

2) When I'm trying to promote via pgpooladmin (or even command line), I get
this error:
LOG:  [FAILOVER] lock is not available for remote pgpool-II node
"Linux_lsd06_9999" to start the failover command

Are these errors connected?
How to solve them?


*Leonnardo Rabello*
*http://about.me/leonnardo <http://about.me/leonnardo>*
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