[pgpool-general: 5128] Python + psycopg2 works. Java with JDBC doesn't

Felipe Garcia felipecpg at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 00:02:54 JST 2016

I set up a pgoool (3.5.4) environment using the standard
pgpool.conf.sample-replication configuration, and I was using a Java
application to connect to it.

The Java app using JDBC, doesn't work. It gives me the following error

In the pgpool log, I have this log

I've wrote a Python application using the package psycopg2 (which uses
libpq), and with this program I am able to successfully connect.

Most strange is, I think there might be a bug in pgpool. If I start pgppool
and run the Java application, I get the error above. But If I start pgpool,
and run the Python app a couple of times, and then run the Java app, the
Java app works.

The code for the Java Application -

The code for the Python application
- https://gist.github.com/rhossi/98004f6e62795b67cb84997d8d4d2250

Can someone help me, please?


Felipe Garcia
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