[pgpool-general: 5124] Issue with pgpool 3.5.4 and JDBC

Felipe Garcia felipecpg at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 20:08:45 JST 2016

I have a pgpool 3.5.4 with memcache enabled, and I use it to connect to

I wrote two simple programs, one in Java (JDBC
postgresql-9.4.1212.jre6.jar) and another one in Python (using psycopg2
postgres package) that just connects to pgpool, and execute a simple query
(eg: select * from customer limit 10;) and I've noticed strange and
different behaviors. I also ran the queries using the command line tool

1) Using JDBC with pgpool with caching enabled I get an error

2016-11-15 10:56:27: pid 31043: FATAL:  Backend throw an error message

2016-11-15 10:56:27: pid 31043: DETAIL:  Exiting current session because of
an error from backend

2016-11-15 10:56:27: pid 31043: HINT:  BACKEND Error: "portal "pgpool31043"
does not exist"

2) Using JDBC with pgpool with caching disabled it works

3) Using psycopg2 or psql command line with pgpool with caching either
enabled or disabled it works

Can someone help me understand why only JDBC is not working?

Felipe Garcia

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