[pgpool-general: 5096] pgpool.log file

Wolf Schwurack wolf at uen.org
Thu Nov 3 00:11:59 JST 2016

My development pgpool server the pgpool.log file show that it’s a binary file but on my production pgpool server show the file as ASCII. Both servers are setup the same.

Anyone know why one file is binary and the other is ASCII?

I use the same command on both to start pgpool
pgpool -n -D -f /usr/local/etc/pgpool.conf > /var/log/pgpool/pgpool.log

pgpool-II version 3.5.4 (ekieboshi)

Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

Production server
# file /var/log/pgpool/pgpool.log
/var/log/pgpool/pgpool.log: ASCII text

Development server
# file /var/log/pgpool/pgpool.log
/var/log/pgpool/pgpool.log: data

Wolfgang Schwurack
Database/System Administrator
Utah Education Network
wolf at uen.org<mailto:wolf at uen.org>

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