[pgpool-general: 4706] Pgpool and postgis

Paolo Crosato paolo.crosato at gmail.com
Thu May 26 17:58:25 JST 2016


I'm evaluating a pgpool cluster with 2 nodes as a substitute for the single
postgresql instance we are using now.

>From an application perspective, my main concern is postgis. We are
extensively using postgis in our applications. As I understood pgpool will
transparently handle any pgsql write instruction like insert or update, but
how are statements like AddGeometryColumn handled? Do I need to put every
"write" statement in the black_function_list?

As a side note, we have been provided with 2 db nodes with the same size as
our singel instance, but the two watchdog machines are 2 cores instances
with only 1G or ram, is this enough to run the watchdog smoothly? We have
around 1K IOPS.

Thanks for any input,


Paolo Crosato
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