[pgpool-general: 4663] Problem shutting down interfaces

Ricardo Larrañaga ricardo.larranaga at gmail.com
Fri May 6 04:55:02 JST 2016

Hello guys:
I am running pgpool 3.5.2 in a 2 node cluster with postgresql-9.5 in
master-slave and streaming replication mode.

I have been testing failover and failback for a while. While doing failover
by shutting down the processes, everything looks fine.

The one test that is failing is when i shutdown the interface of one node.
Right now i am shutting down the interface of the slave node (both pgool
slave and postgresql slave).

The problem i am running into is that after doing this, all connections to
my database (through pgpool) hang. i am testing it with psql, and psql just
hangs and does not give me an output. When i bring the interface of the
slave back up, and try to connect to psql again, it looks like pgpool never
marked the postgresql node as disconnected.

I tried both with and without health check, and also tried with different
values of health_check_timeout. my connect timeout value is default (10

Any one has encountered this issue? I just dont see pgpool attempting to do
any failover. Pgpool is still running though, i can see the logs still
comming. I just never see an error.

I am NOT using interface monitoring, and i would prefer not to use it.

Any pointers on how could i troubleshoot this?
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