[pgpool-general: 4661] Two master nodes(postgres) when rebooting the system

Guptesh Kumar guptesh.cg4 at gmail.com
Wed May 4 18:40:59 JST 2016


I am having the following scenario-

Node 1 :
pgpool - MASTER
postgresql - MASTER

Node 2 :
pgpool - STANDBY

When I reboot the master node(NODE 1), NODE 2 pgpol watchdog and postgresql
becomes master. NODE 2 is serving application's DB requests as expected.

Now, when NODE1 comes back online(pgpool and postgresql server are started
on system startup) pgpool on NODE2 still considers postgresql on node1 as
down(as expected).
But pgpool on NODE1 has the following inconsistencies now -
1. There are two postgresql servers running as master
2. pgpool sees postgresql servers on both the nodes as running and ready to
accept connections.

Is this behaviour expected. Because in such case if pgpool in NODE1 becomes
master again before manually recovering postgres, it will lead to data
inconsistency in my application.

Thanks & Regards,
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