[pgpool-general: 4744] Problem utilizing pcp_recovery_node

Julio Guevara julioguevara150 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 03:27:39 JST 2016

Currently i'm facing the following issue when trying to recover a node. I'm
running two postgresql 9.4 servers and pgpool 3.5 on replication mode. I
have configured
recovery_user, recovery_password, recovery_1st_stage_command,
recovery_2nd_stage_command and recover_timeout. When i try to run the
following command i get this error:

# pcp_recovery_node -U postgres -W 1 -v -d
> Password:
> DEBUG: recv: tos="m", len=8
> DEBUG: recv: tos="r", len=21
> DEBUG: send: tos="D", len=6
> DEBUG: recv: tos="E", len=95
> ERROR:  node recovery failed, unable to connect to master node: 0
>> DEBUG: send: tos="X", len=4

I'm unable to find or allow more debug information to troubleshoot this, is
there some logs i should be checking bseide /var/log/pgpool-II-94.log? What
user and password should be provided for recovery_user and

I will appreciate any help that you guys can give me :/
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