[pgpool-general: 4824] Re: master detach and slave attached without failover

Avi Weinberg AviW at gilat.com
Tue Jul 26 15:45:18 JST 2016


I want it to failover in case the master become detached.  I already had the value backend_flag0 = 'ALLOW_TO_FAILOVER' and backend_flag1 = 'ALLOW_TO_FAILOVER', but for some strange reason I saw twice that I have one server as master detached and the other server as slave attached.  I cannot understand why the slave did not become master when the master became detached.


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> Hi all,
> I have a setup with one master and one slave.  At rare cases I see
> that the master is detached and its partner is slave attached.  How
> come the master became detached without causing a failover.  When I
> try to detach a master manually it causes failover as expected.  What
> might be the scenario that caused it to me master detached without
> failover

You can set backend_flag0 = 'ALLOW_TO_FAILOVER' or something like that to prevent a fail over. See the manual for more details.

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