[pgpool-general: 4808] log destinations

Dan Foster Dan.Foster at bristol.ac.uk
Sat Jul 23 01:00:49 JST 2016


We're running postgresql-pgpool-II-3.4.6-1.el7.x86_64 and trying to
get logs to only go to syslog facility local0. We have the following
in pgpool.conf:

log_destination = 'syslog'
log_per_node_statement = on
syslog_facility = 'local0'
syslog_ident = 'pgpool'

Logs go to the correct place in syslog as expected, but queries are
also output to either stdout or stderr. Is it possible to stop this
output on stdout/stderr?

Dan Foster | Senior Storage Systems Administrator
Advanced Computing Research Centre, University of Bristol

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