[pgpool-general: 4775] Remove Detached Background Node via reload

Christopher Hauser christopher.hauser at uni-ulm.de
Thu Jul 7 23:36:03 JST 2016

Hi all,

we are working with pgpool in master/master replication mode for scaling 
in and out postgresql instances. While scaling out works via updating 
the pgpool.conf with the new instance as backend, next do "pgpool 
reload" and "pcp_recovery_node", we have problems for scaling in.
Whenever we remove a backend from the pgpool.conf, call 
"pcp_detach_node" and next "pgpool reload", pgpool does not take this 
into account. We have to do a pgpool restart to remove the backend from 
the pgpool.

Any suggestions how we can scale-in on the fly, like we do it for scale out?

Thank you in advanve


pgpool-II version 3.3.4 (tokakiboshi)
on Ubuntu 15.10

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